The ‘Dry’ Season

Winter is the best time for seeing Monarchs in the coastal lowlands of the Daintree. The most common is Spectacled Monarch who can be seen and heard easily in many habitats. They are very active chasing insects and will often be seen with other insect eaters such as Little Shrike-Thrush. They love to bathe in birdbaths in domestic gardens.

The Pied Monarch is one of the Wet Tropics’ 12 endemics and is found in both the lowlands and the upland areas of the Cairns Highlands. It is also easier to see in winter as a rule.The distinctive habit of running up, down and around tree trunks searching for food, plus the distinctive markings, make identification easy.

Both these birds have been in the gardens of Red Mill house in Daintree Village in the past few days.