In the past month the Red Mill House team have been involved in displays at both the British Birdfair in Rutland UK and the Australian Birdfair in Leeton NSW, and have very much enjoyed the experience.
Representing Australian Birdwatching in the UK, we had a 3m by 6m area decked with fabulous images of Australian birds and with the brochures of 33 businesses/organisations from around the country.

Nearly 23,000 people attended the event over the three days, most of whom are birdwatchers. Displays ranged from tourism products to conservation groups, artists to book sellers, optics suppliers and many more, all in 7 huge marquees.There were also two lecture marquees running flat-out for the weekend, as well as entertainment and scheduled events. HUGE!! We had a great time catching up with old guests and meeting and talking to large numbers of people, encouraging them to visit Australia for their next birding holiday. It was a busy time.

The Australian Birdfair, held in Leeton each year, is in it’s infancy still. Not huge numbers of people, but those who attended were very committed. Again, a lecture programme with excellent speakers and diverse topics, plus tours and displays. Andrew and Keith from Kingfisher Park represented Birding in Tropical Queensland and generated good interest amongst the birders present.
We are hoping to attend both these events again next year.