January 2011

After a very wet year in 2010 ( 4.6 metres of rain), it has been a normal start to the year in the Wet Tropics and in Daintree. We would normally expect the ‘wet season’ to begin at this time of year and to date we have had over 400ml. Evenly spaced, so no flooding – unlike our less fortunate cousins in southern Qld. We seem to be blessed with stable weather patterns in this part of the world.
An excellent trip on the Daintree River for Red Mill House guests this morning with the highlight being the nesting Herons. Both Striated Heron and Nankeen Night-Heron are nesting. The Nankeen Night-Heron feeds at night, hunting for insects, crustaceans, fish and amphibians.

This morning’s passengers were also treated to a pair of Great-billed Heron flying, displaying, calling and preening.

The Great-billed Heron is Australia’s largest heron and has an enormous bill. It is found in Northern Australia, found in mangroves, tidal mudflats and lowland rivers. It can be found most of the year on the Daintree River and in Barratt Creek and Stewart Creek.