The Daintree River

After 9 years of enjoying the Daintree River from the outside,and only occasionally up-close, the Red Mill House crew have bought a little ‘tinny’ to enable us to spend more time on the river during the quiet times.
It’s a beauty – 2 seats, 20HP motor, a full biminy roof and depth-sounder – everything we need bar a pair of binoculars and fishing rod!
Andrew and his ‘liner’

 How wonderful it has been to drift down Barratt Creek looking at nests, into the by-wash for kingfishers, and way upstream to see Magpie Geese on the banks. It has been fun trying to spot tree snakes and water dragons and trying not to spot crocodiles that are longer than the boat!
The Daintree River has always been the best place to see wildlife and and in the past couple of weeks we have seen most of the target species for the area – Great-billed Heron, Little Kingfisher, Azure Kingfisher, Black Bittern, Black-necked Stork, Cicadabird, Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Double-eyed Fig-Parrot, Shining Flycatcher, Channel-billed Cuckoo and many more.
Further downstream we make our way into the varied mangrove habitats of the Daintree River.

 Toward the ferry crossing a female crocodile named ‘Lizzie’ recently hatched her babies, and on this day up to 13 hatchlings has been sighted. They stay close together for the first few days and then will start to disperse.

3 day old crocodile

We’re looking forward to discovering and learning more about the Daintree River during this ‘wet season’