Daintree Birding etc
October 27th, 2012

Lots of interesting things happening around Daintree at present for birdwatchers.Yesterday we took both a drive to the end of Stewart Creek Rd in the Daintree Valley, plus a walk along the first section with guests, and picked up a …Continue Reading

Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher has arrived!!
October 22nd, 2012

The last of our summer migrants are in!Black Bittern has been seen for the past few days on the Daintree River and this morning the first Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher was heard and then seen on Stewart Creek Rd in the …Continue Reading

Birdwatching season in Daintree
October 14th, 2012

A great time of year for birding in Daintree. Some nice rain last week, then clear and dry again now. Just enough rain to top up the pond at Red Mill House so the Little Kingfisher and Azure Kingfisher both …Continue Reading

Springtime in Daintree
October 6th, 2012

After a very dry and extremely pleasant few weeks, there has been some good showers here in the Wet Tropics over the last few days, refreshing the rainforest and greening everything up again. It was long overdue. Birdlife has been …Continue Reading