Daintree Birdwatching Treats

November is a peak month for birding in Tropical North Queensland with excellent sightings reported in the Daintree Region.
Newcomers include Cotton Pygmy Goose x 2 on the Daintree River, King Parrots x about 8 in the Daintree Valley, Fan-tailed Cuckoo at Barratt Creek and Barn Owl on Stewart Creek Rd.
Other birds of note include Yellow-breasted Boatbill and Pied Monarch, as well as the Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher at the end of Stewart Creek Rd. Tawny Grassbird, Red-backed Fairy-Wren, Golden-headed Cisticola and Chestnut-breasted Mannikin on the same road, but near Harlows Bridge in the grassy fields. Lots of good seed heads at the moment. Little Eagle and Brown Goshawk also seen.

Yellow-breasted Boatbill (Fred Forsell)

Several pair of Papuan Frogmouth are nesting above the banks of the Daintree River and Black Bittern are seen daily. Great-billed Heron carrying nesting material has been spotted heading upstream on Stewart Creek

Papuan Frogmouth ( Henri Brouchide)

The Total Solar Eclipse happens across the region between 6.38 and 6.40 am on Weds 14th, about which we are all very excited. We’ll be down on the beach near the mouth of the Daintree River and are really keen to see what happens with the wildlife as we putter back up the river after it is all over.

Hopefully some pics next week! Fingers crossed for dry and sunny weather.