The Daintree River

After a good clean-out from last month’s rain, the Daintree River is looking fabulous. The water is clear, the Barramundi fishing season is open and recreational fisherman are endeavouring to catch this prized fighting (and eating) fish.
It’s also a great time for birds on the Daintree River.
A trip out in ‘the tinny’ on Weds morning gave us excellent views of the Great Billed Heron, Black Bittern, Shining Flycatcher, Yellow Oriole and many more. The tide was a little high for Kingfishers.

Great-billed Heron Feb 12 (Trish Forsyth)

Other good sightings in the area include Spotted Whistling Ducks, Latham’s Snipe, loads of Magpie Goose, Red-necked Crake and Pale-vented Bush-Hen. Having some water lying around in the fields at last is excellent for these birds.
Wonderful weather – you wouldn’t believe it is meant to be the ‘Wet Season’.