Cyclone Ita

Life takes some funny turns sometimes, doesn’t it.
10 days to go before our big trip to the UK – getting organised, studying the birds, finishing the painting, getting the place looking gorgeous, etc, etc and then – – – – -along comes a late season cyclone called ‘Ita’.

Red Mill House before
Red Mill House after
Ita crossed the coast near Cooktown at about 9pm on Friday and headed pretty-well slightly inland and parallel from there. It started blowing here at about midday that day and continued, culminating in us being slammed at between about 3 and 7am in what was, I think, a Cat 3 still at that stage.
She raced up the Daintree Valley from all directions but chose a swathe of about 200m wide at this point – –our 200m! You can see the strip for miles.
We had trees and branches crashing down all over the place, bouncing off the roof and in some cases piercing the roof.
Front garden before
Front garden after
Our bedroom roof

In all we lost eight of our biggest trees and picked up three from our neighbours – they fell in three different directions in the space of minutes. Fortunately our great big milky pine out in the front yard chose just to shed all her branches rather than topple over – we are extremely grateful for that! She would have flattened the house if she’d gone down. Pretty scary though as she threw them down at us.

Poor old pool fence
The pool

We are fine, the buildings are basically fine, and one day the garden will look good again. Unfortunately the top come out of the big Syzygium out the front, rending it dangerous, so it had to go – – –

I can’t believe that our tallest trees out the front are now coconuts – horrible!

Three trees on top of each other

The joy of living in the tropics is that everyone grows so quick.

We have been blessed to have good people nearby to help out and a tree-lopper and builder who are available.

Our new building ‘the doghouse”

 We’ve worked our butts off to clean up and things are looking much better – –  all the other things will just have to remain undone.

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  1. Crikey! Glad you’re. Not good, but could have been so much worse. Stay safe.

    1. Oops – should have said “Glad you’re OK.”

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