Fruits of the Forest





At the driveway of Red Mill House , stands a magnificent strangler fig ‘Ficus benjamina’ which is in full fruiting mode. An absolute treat for birders visiting Daintree with Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Double-eyed Fig-Parrot, Australian Figbird, Yellow Oriole, Metallic Starling, Varied Triller, Helmeted Friarbird, Mistlebird and others feasting to their hearts’ content.

Palms are fruiting well, also, so plenty of space and fruit for all. It has been a tough few months since Cyclone Ita for our birds, so it is wonderful to see so much fruit around. We have never seen so many Wompoos – up to 10 at a time in and about the Blue Quandong trees.

P1000961-Copy                                                                          P1000115


Other good local sightings include Little Kingfisher and Papuan Frogmouth families on the Daintree River, Black-faced Monarch and Pied Monarch and Yellow-breasted Boatbill.