There is always something happening in Daintree – believe it or not!

Another great month in paradise.
Not too many guests, so a time to catch up with painting, repairs, gardening and all the other ‘pre-season’ jobs.

Some fascinating people have been through, however, including a 79 year old woman travelling solo, birding along the way because they won’t let her hire a car beyond 80. Another inspiring 74 year old in her campervan called the ‘flea’ and a wonderful 92 year old who was actually brought up in this house. Her name is Rosemary Hughes and she and her family and the maid (8 in total) lived in the upstairs of what is now Red Mill House. Her father was the local timber merchant, among other things, and hand-picked the trees to be cut for this fabulous old building in the 1920’s.





We were so delighted to meet her. She had so many wonderful stories and such a good memory. A real treat for us.

It has been a rainy start to the ‘dry’ season, but hopefully that will improve soon. My vegie garden is pleading for some sunshine. Lots of great birds, though, with passage and winter migrants coming to town. Satin Flycatcher has been through, Lewin’s Honeyeater are down from the Tablelands in the cooler weather, Topknot Pigeons seem in quite large flocks and we have nice numbers of fruit-doves.

Ota, our local Japanese guide found this baby on the road outside Red Mill House – a beautiful Superb Fruit-Dove. He (she?) was taken to the local carers at the Wildlife Habitat and should be doing well. We’ve since regularly seen some adults in the yard, so they were probably nesting here without us realising. How nice!



Azure Kingfisher is visiting the pond each day and there is lots of fruit in the garden at Red Mill so good views of Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Varied Triller, Yellow Oriole, Figbird, Black Butcherbird, Double-eyed Fig-Parrot and fruit-doves.

The honeyeaters, Spangled Drongo and Helmeted Friarbird are busy at the feeders and the turkeys drive us crazy trying to pinch the food!

All in all, life is pretty good!!