Daintree’s ‘dry wet’ and ‘wet dry’

Who says there is no climate change?? A normal 1st quarter for Daintree will deliver between 1500 and 2500mm of rain – this year we only received 870mm in the first three months of the year. It was unseasonally hot and dry. Then, since April there has been scattered rainy days and then last night (late May), in a matter of hours we got 200ml (8 inches) of pure ‘wet season’ drenching. Our first flood for the year and completely out of season. At least now the subsoil will be wet for a lot longer.

Daintree Village’s birds have been fabulous. A large family group of Bush Stone-Curlew are living in the school yard, lots of Forest and Sacred Kingfisher on the wires, Blue-faced Honeyeater still, plus all our regulars. The winter birds are starting to arrive as the summer migrants disappear.

The insectivorous birds like Spectacled Monarch, Leaden Flycatcher, Varied Triller, Little Shrike-Thrush and Little Bronze-Cuckoo are making nice little feeding flocks for our walks along Stewart Creek Rd.

Little Bronze-Cuckoo-2


Leaden Flycatcher-1


The feeders in the garden are busy as the cooler weather starts – families of Macleay’s Honeyeater and Helmeted Friarbird seem to be fighting it out every day for both the nectar and fruit. All good fun!