Warming up in Daintree as the breeding season gets underway

With regular rains over the winter months, the new foliage growth this season is fantastic – the Daintree River banks are lush and green with new growth. Lots of insects about, so it is great for our seasonal insectivores. Cicadabird are vocal and visible, cuckoo-shrikes are common, Little Shrike-Thrush, Rainbow Bee-eater, Pacific Baza, Spangled Drongo, Varied Triller and others are enjoying the feast.

The gardens at Red Mill House are full of flower, with the various gingers and heliconias in flower and our stunning ‘Jade Vine’ with it’s blue and green racemes. The honeyeaters and sunbirds just love them.


yellow-bellied-sunbird2                             p1030639

Frogs abound – the Giant White-lipped Green Tree Frog have started calling from the pond already (there are now 4 regulars living in the loungeroom each day)and the woodfrogs are non-stop at night. Leseur’s Tree Frog and the Laughing Tree Frog are also active, with the Leseuri using our birdbaths and swimming pool for laying eggs – I’m quick to move them on and back to the pond!

Good to hear that the Black Bittern has been seen a couple of times already on the Daintree River. Brush Cuckoo (another of our summer migrants) have been calling incessantly. Everyone is looking forward to the first sighting of the Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher!!