Running two lives – –

After a month in Sabah enjoying the wildlife (and food) it is back to Red Mill. This is a great destination – easy, relatively inexpensive and with extraordinary wildlife.



Rumours seem to be out that we have closed Red Mill House. This is not true and, whilst we being selective about taking guests over the next couple of months while we build the new house, it is full steam ahead at Red Mill from mid-May. Forward bookings are good and we look forward to a busy season.

Daintree is still a fabulous birding destination and at this time of year, during ‘the wet’, there are lots of birds about. Papuan Frogmouth, Azure Kingfisher, Black Bittern on the Daintree River, Latham’s Snipe, pipit, dotterels out in the valley. Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher adults are still about – they must be due to fly back to New Guinea soon.

Up at Lake Eacham we have been planting trees, clearing patches of wattle, starting some vegies and – as of today – the slab for the shed is down. No turning back now – -.P1030806


All terribly exciting!!