Winter has arrived in Daintree

Winter has arrived – if you can call it winter!! 25 degree days and 17 degree nights – after 15 years here, one becomes a bit sooky –  so on goes the sweater at night. Our lovely southern guests are swimming at the waterfall and in the pool  – – – but not us!

The birdlife in Daintree is great, which our cooler weather raptors, monarchs and honeyeaters about.

The sugar cane harvest has begun, so there are lots of raptors scouring the fields for prey. The Cattle Egrets always follows the harvesters like it is a moving feast – who needs cattle?

The three Spotted Whistling-Duck families are doing well on the Daintree River. Very watchful parents, but they are not that shy. It has been fabulous for guests to see this new Australian species which is settling in very well here in Daintree.

Ian Worcester

Ian Worcester

We have been living two lives over the past few months as the house at Lake Eacham is being built, the reveg patches tended and the vegie gardens started. It is such a great process which has give us both a lot of pleasure. Back to work seriously in the next couple of weeks though – shame!

This is what has captured our attention and affection – – –