Change of season and change of guard

Suddenly, you wake up one day to hear Channel-billed Cuckoo calling and you think – ‘ah ha, it must be spring!’ And so it is. Warm winds, new growth and Metallic Starlings swooping around, Cicadabird and Brush Cuckoo calling for the first time for months .



Another year and the thrill of new birds with each seasonal change. Some people find it amazing that we can look at the same birds for 15 years, but it still gives an enormous amount of pleasure.

There have been good sightings of Southern Cassowary around Jindalba Boardwalk, Little Kingfisher and Papuan Frogmouth on the Daintree River and Red-necked Crake have reappeared in town.

The other news is that we are delighted to announce that, after almost 15 years in Daintree, we have sold Red Mill House to a lovely family from Cairns.

They have a wealth of business and tourism experience behind them and will bring new, renewed energy to Daintree Village and to Red Mill House. They are keen to continue in the tradition of great service, for which Red Mill is well known, and are keen to continue with the focus on wildlife and the fabulous environment that the Daintree has to offer.

We have met so many fabulous people here at Red Mill over the years, have made some wonderful friends, and we are sad to be going, but retirement (‘judilado’ in Spanish) beckons and the bucket lists demands to be ticked off.

We are settling in early September and will be found either growing vegies or birding at Lake Eacham. Visitors are very welcome! The timing couldn’t be better as the new house will be finished at about the same time. Lots to do this spring!






One more blog to go after this and I’ll be handing over to Tina, Jim and Holly Todd.  I’m sure you will like them and they will be great for the area!

Trish and Andrew Forsyth