The day has arrived!

Well, what a journey this last month has been!

Full house at Red Mill House, preparing to hand over a business, trying to pack up discretely so no-one notices, cleaning, building a new house and Silvia away for the month doing yoga training!

But here we are – September 1st, settlement day and my last blog. Very, very, weird.

Daintree and Red Mill House have given us 15 good years and we are delighted to be handing over a beautiful property and great little business to the Todd family. They are going to blitz it! We wish them all the best and hope they have as much fun and meet as many fab people as we have over the years. Thank you all.

Now to wildlife in Daintree this past month.

The big news – great looks at Bennet’s Tree Kangaroo at Maardja Boardwalk last week. The first reported sighting that have had for quite some time. Very exciting, and so close.

Bennett's Tree Kangaroo

Also, the majority of our spring migrants have now arrives. Lots of Pied Imperial Pigeons and Metallic Starlings, Brush Cuckoo, Cicadabird and Brown-backed Honeyeater. Lovely views of Lovely Fairy-Wren nest building along Stewart Creek Rd, our Sunnies have finally chosen which string they will build their nest on at the back verandah, and Figbirds are spotted with nesting material. It must be SPRING!!

Such a nice time of year in Daintree – will miss it!.

But this is what we have to look forward to – – – – –