Spring time in the Daintree

In spring in the Daintree we start to say goodbye to winter migrants and start to welcome back New Guinea neighbours such as the Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher seeking out its regular nearby nesting grounds in the smaller Termite mounds. Along with it comes the Brown-backed honey eater whom local birders say marks the true beginning of Spring. Pied Imeperial pigeons follow in toe seeking out ideal nesting grounds on the tropical outlying islands. Metallic Starlings are no stranger to boisterously announcing their arrivals and there is no tree left untouched in the search for the perfect fruit. We are always amazed how quickly a colony of starlings can strip an abundant tree!

It was delightful to watch a Yellow Oriole tend her nest right above the swimming pool this season. The chicks have not yet fledged but we are expecting so in the coming week.

Ulysses, Oak Blues, Swallowtails, Monarch Butterflies have been regulars in the later part of this year in the garden, particularly attracted to Ylang Ylang and newly planted Little Evodia Trees. I’m sure next year’s guests will enjoy watching the Wompoo Fruit Doves enjoy the abundance of fruit from Bandicoot trees as well. If we are lucky!

First bird shot of the season

Doug’s first Kingfisher shot of the season- Bird Watching Tropcial Australia