Kingfishers and much more!
November 29th, 2012

This is prime birdwatching time in Daintree and beyond. The weather is becoming warmer and there has been little rain (which means no mosquitoes) and the birds are becoming very visible around sources of water, whether it be a birdbath …Continue Reading

Eclipse 2012 plus great birdwatching
November 17th, 2012

What an amazing event the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse in Far North Queensland was!  People came from far and wide, up to 50,000 extra people in the region we hear – from the seriously scientific to the seriously whacky, to …Continue Reading

The new Daintree Birdwatching Bulletin
September 28th, 2012

Following the crash of the one existing computer in this house which supported Windows XP, we no longer have access to the Dreamweaver programme from which the Daintree Birdwatching Bulletin was created and maintained. So – – – this blog …Continue Reading

New Year’s resolution – blogging!!
January 14th, 2012

Where does the time go?My apologies for such a long absence – I was embarrassed to receive blog stats recently and see many people are looking at this blog, but that I have done nothing for such a long time. Thank …Continue Reading