Spotted Whistling Ducks
April 30th, 2017

Great news!! Whilst Spotted Whistling Ducks have been seen on and off for several years now on the Daintree River, this is the first time the local tour operators have seen a family group. 5 youngsters – very exciting! Both …Continue Reading

Running two lives – –
March 21st, 2017

After a month in Sabah enjoying the wildlife (and food) it is back to Red Mill. This is a great destination – easy, relatively inexpensive and with extraordinary wildlife. Rumours seem to be out that we have closed Red Mill …Continue Reading

A new year!
January 24th, 2017

I’ve been admonished enough about not keeping up with this blog – SORRY!! It has been an interesting few months at Red Mill House. As you know we have had Red Mill on the market for a year now and, …Continue Reading

Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher has arrived!!
October 15th, 2016

Our favourite early spot for the Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher has proved itself again!! Early sightings (Oct 12 and 13) of the famed kingfisher at the end of Stewart Creek Rd. Often these early ones seem to be just passing through, …Continue Reading

Warming up in Daintree as the breeding season gets underway
September 29th, 2016

With regular rains over the winter months, the new foliage growth this season is fantastic – the Daintree River banks are lush and green with new growth. Lots of insects about, so it is great for our seasonal insectivores. Cicadabird …Continue Reading